Growing Pains?

First day in my new job. So far so good although I think the kids might struggle with me being gone every night. Doug made dinner, got Maddie to her homework and all is well.

Maddie’s struggling with her new 6 hour school day as opposed to last year’s 2 1/2 hours. She’s announced she’s tired of homework. She’s actually just tired. “Mom, will you brush my teeth for me?” A sure sign of arms too weak to continue on!

Meanwhile, JD & Annaliese are struggling with our daily game show, “Nap or No Nap”. They need one but there’s never a good time to work it in. We’re still experimenting.  I may need to work out a carpool so I don’t have to leave the house to pick up Maddie.

Maddie has also decided that she no longer wants to attend church because she doesn’t get a snack every week in the older kids class. We talked Sunday and its actually because her little brother and sister get one but not her. I also explained that its a shorter time to go between food than breakfast to lunch at school. I think that helped.

Does anyone else’s 1st grader ask for salad, croutons and ranch dressing for their school lunch? How about cottage cheese?

JD has decided that everything I offer him for a meal is “yummy, Mom”. I believe he is trying to avoid the “last night’s dinner for breakfast” thing. Well, he also talks of the children in El Salvador who don’t get to eat every day. He’s trying not to complain.

JD has also made a conscious effort to stop talking about pee, poop and little boy anatomy at the kitchen table. Something to do with washing out his mouth with soap once. I highly recommend.

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  1. I’m glad your first day didn’t go too badly. I’m sure you all will get used to the ‘new’ schedules. HUGS


  2. My 1st grade son would be in heaven if mommy would wake up every morning and send him on his way with a salad. He doesnt even want the dressing. ick

    He would probably be even better if I just sent him with broccoli or asparagus.

    Weirdo! lol


  3. Where do you get these kids who eat vegetables? Did they grow on the moon or something? Megan will nibble on raw carrots and cucumbers. Other than that, I have to make her eat anything else but french fries. Fruit on the other hand–both my girls are fruit bats. I’ve not seen much they don’t like there.

    Good luck with the new job Joni. I’ve been doing mystery shopping since January 2004 and I babysat for a year and a half part-time for a friend, so that helped make us some “extra” money we have used for trips and stuff. It’s a struggle sometimes to fit outside work into our busy mom schedules, but it’s worth it to help our families along.


  4. Maddie LOVES vegetables. Especially raw with dip. If its got dip with it, it stands a better chance of being eaten.


  5. My Motto – “Dip Everything!”

    Joni, I love the way you write. You crack me up!

    What did your man decide for his new look?


  6. He hasn’t decided yet. We agree on the soul patch. I’m afraid of losing the chin whiskers just because he has what I like to call the “Appledorn chin”. A small chin handed down from Grandma Tillie, to Dad, to Doug. Without the whiskers, he’s all cheek! Maybe something in the Bill Engvall area.


  7. Just not green.


  8. Posted by simplykoya on August 31, 2007 at 6:14 pm

    I love it! I just started with the starving children in Africa. Sadly the last nights dinner for breakfast hasn’t work and I will have to try the soap in the mouth for the boy talk. Your posts are very enjoyable to read!



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