I’m way behind

Boy, its been a scary busy couple of weeks. I am way behind on many of your blogs so please forgive if you are commenting on mine and I am not returning the attention. As I’ve said before, there must be a censor on my computer chair that signals the kids to come running the second I sit down. And then I feel guilty that they are crying and fighting with each other so I shut down the computer. And since I started my part-time job, its been difficult to keep everything straight. Maddie’s not wild about me being gone for a couple hours a day.

I’m trying to catch up and perhaps one day I will. Right now Doug is doing laundry, doing dishes and making meals for the kids. And I’m trying to make his birthday cake. He turns 40 on Saturday September 1. Be sure and visit him here and say hello!! Thanks for not ignoring me and keeping me on your blogrolls! I need to figure out this feed thing. As soon as I have an extra minute or two….

3 responses to this post.

  1. Oh Girl, we understand! Family first…always! How is the job anyway! And your mans hair – any changes yet? Enjoy your evening!!!



  2. The kids are way more important than blogging and reading blogs. I’m pretty sure ALL the parent bloggers will understand that. So no need to apologize!


  3. My b-day is Sept 1 as well…we got a whole holiday named after our mother’s labors…must have been doozies!


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