Unofficial Fatblogger

Heaviest (pregnant or not) July 2005  211 lbs. Joined health club in February 2007. Starting weight 198.8.

Today’s weight 186.   Down 2 sizes.

Only 50 lbs to go. By this rate, I’ll be svelte by October 2009. I think I need to step it up a bit–you think?


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  1. You can do it girl! Just remember Misty’s #1 dieting rule: EAT BREAKFAST!!! A healthy one, each day–not Dunkin Donuts. I’m talking Kashi, skim milk, and OJ or any of several combos of healthy foods, mixing good carbs and proteins. Please don’t tell me you don’t eat breakfast–it’s so hard on my ears 🙂


  2. WOOHOOO! I ‘m sooo proud of you! Now I wanna follow suit…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi


  3. Hello, I just came accross your blog and found it amazingly inspiring. Just one thing about loosing weight … it took long time to gain it, and if you loose it slowly the chances of keeping it low are higher than a rapid decrease. So don’t push it.

    Lots of blessings!


  4. I agree! Slow weight loss is proven to be the best! You’re doing great Joni!


  5. Ohhh my fatblogger friend! I am so there with you. We seem (and this is not in any way a hint as to what my start weight was last week 😉 )to be right around the same loss need due to possible similar weights. Have I confused you yet? haha

    Fine, we are the same. Ugggg, I admit it.

    That was quite hard for me to do but now that I have gotten that load off my chest and just admitted it I feel kinda….well……DID I JUST SAY THAT!!!!????!!!! 😉

    I seem to have such a hard time admitting how much I weight because I have not been this heavy since I was pregnant. Its a hard life as a fatblogger! But…..I lost 2lbs this past week and I am so excited about that. 38 more pounds to go.

    I started a new site that I added onto mine called FatDaffodil. Its in my blog roll and I am blogging about my weight there including all weekly weigh in updates.

    We can do this! You have already done so well. I am so glad I have you for support. Thank you, I hope I can be the same for you.


  6. Joni – you and Gretch should totally hook up as partners! I love Gretch – she is too cool! And you..where do I start! What a pair y’all would be! I’m excited for you guys on this journey!


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