Site Highlight

I have two new sites I want to point out to you.

The first, is FatDaffodil, written by our friend Gretch-a-sketch. I’ve joined her in a quest for a healthier, smaller body! We’ve been inspired by the many Fat Ragamuffins who are no longer fat, especially Los Whittaker at Ragamuffin Soul, and Anne Jackson at Flowerdust. And I’ve been inspired to go public by my husband Doug who is working so hard and participates with So let me encourage you to go public and as Steve Martin so eloquently put it 30 years ago “let’s get small!”

Second, is a mom’s resource called “Mother’s Heart”.  A Mother’s Heart is the mom’s ministry through Ginger Creek Community Church in Aurora, IL. We’ve launched a blog where I and the mom’s ministry leaders contribute our own motherhood stories, tips, humor, family resources. Some of which you’ve seen on my site. I have met a lot of moms through my blog and God knows we need as much support from each other as we can get. And some are not able to attend a formal group. We hope there is a mom out there who will be encouraged through this site if no other.  The blog is in process and will morph here and there but I felt compelled to share a couple weeks early.


What are your spotlight blogs?


3 responses to this post.

  1. congrats! i can’t wait to see how you progress!!! it has been life changing for me.


  2. Hey, glad to see Doug has some support at home, too. Tell him we miss him at FatBloggers and hope he’s having a great school year so far.


  3. Thanks for the links! I just checked out the mother’s blog and put it on my reader!


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