Hmm. 9/11.

I don’t necessarily do well with retrospectives. But this year, 9/11 is sitting on my heart. Here’s what I remember:

7:20 a.m. sitting on the couch nursing 3 month old Maddie, watching Good Morning America. They break in with a story of an explosion and fire in the World Trade Center. So then there are spotty reports of people seeing a plane crash into the building. A plane? Like what idiot in a Cessna ran into a building? And then they say it was a commercial jet. A what?! And while we’re watching one tower burn, I see a commercial plane crash into the other. Live. Oh my God. What did I just see? Then there are reports of a car bomb outside the State Dept. That one was false. But the plane that crashed into the Pentagon was a true story. And there was another plane missing and suspected hijacked. Eventually we found it had crashed into a field.

As a 35 yr old woman, I did what any adult would do. I called my Dad. “Dad? Are we at war?” “I don’t know, honey.” “Dad, people are jumping off the buildings.” I tried to call my husband at school. Left a message. I called my co-workers at Merrill Lynch. We had an office in the World Trade Center complex where a co-worker’s sister worked. Everyone had evacuated safely. We watched the news together over the phone. I was on the phone with another friend telling her one of the towers collapsed. “Its gone, Christie. One of the World Trade Center towers is gone.” “What do you mean gone?” “It just collapsed. I just watched it collapse. Wait a minute, oh my God. No, it was the second one. Christie, the World Trade Center isn’t there anymore. Its just not there.” I just watched 50,000 people die–I thought. No one knew how many had gotten out. But we knew who went in. Firemen and police. I did not turn off the tv for a week.

We live near an FAA station. There were barricades and police blocking off a 6 block perimeter in all directions. I stopped my daily walk with Maddie in a stroller because I didn’t want to miss any news. When I did go outside, it was eerie. No planes in the sky. It was a different world. I was afraid. For awhile.


I realize this is 2 days late. I wrote the above on 9/10 and saved it so I could finish. I was going to talk about how devastating that day was for me but I couldn’t. I was not devastated that day. I was fortunate. My family was intact. My heart was breaking for so many others and for our country. I was scared, but I was not devastated.

Darlene Zschech, an amazing worship leader with Hillsong Church in Sydney Australia, tells a story about the song “My Hope” from the live worship CD “Hope”. She was in the states during 9/11 and the words of the song poured out as an encouragement for the U.S. Here are the lyrics(©2002 Darlene Zschech/Hillsong Publishing):

You are righteous, You love justice
And those who honor You will see Your face
I will arise, and lift my eyes to see Your majesty
Your holiness, and all I am will bless You

My hope is in the name of the Lord
Where my help comes from, You’re my strength my song
My trust is in the name of the Lord, I will sing Your praise
You are faithful

“And His name will be the hope of all the world.” Matthew 12:21 NLT


7 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful emotions captured there. I think we all remember where we were. I was working in a lab at the Universtiy of Louisville, about 7 months pregnant with our first daughter when my sister-in-law e-mailed me to tell me what happened. Like you, I was confused, then glued to all the footage, painfully praying for all the families who lost loved ones. I was scared too, to bring a child into such a scary, uncertain world.


  2. Posted by Beth on September 13, 2007 at 12:16 pm

    Misty – I was “just” pregnant with my eldest son – I was about 4 weeks and had just found out a few days before that I was expecting. I too was scared about bringing a child into this world in these crazy (and sometimes hostile) times.

    Joni – Thanks for sharing. I too was glued to the tv. My hubby called me on his way to work that he heard some building was hit by a plane. He thought it was here in Lincoln NE (like we have any building tall enough for a plane to hit it!). I turned on the tv and watched all day..and the next, and the next. I bet God’s ears were busy that day with all of us praying!


  3. Thanks for sharing. I hope that this will cause Christians in America to pray for our country. I’ve been feeling the need to pray for repentance in our country for the standards we have lowered. I pray God will take back what is His and that we’ll see Him glorified.


  4. People all over the world were shocked that day. It was unbelievable. We should all pray for the victims and their families.


  5. I remember I was traveling from site to site at work and every time I got back in the car, something else had happened. I just sat in my car praying, wondering what was next…then glued to the TV…the worst part is that it could, and probably will happen again. We need to do everything we can to assure where the next victims will spend eternity ’cause we never know when that might be…


  6. I did the same retrospective thinking on 9/11!


  7. It is strange that this is now the world we live in. Like before all the horrible was in my parents world..and now it is mine…Columbine, Oklahoma, this…it is my generation. I feel so responsible. I don’t know why….but I do.


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