Wish it was me

Inspired by Floating Axhead’s post “Lady Liberty” .

A friend of mine, “Rosie”, lost a good bit of weight. She worked so hard at it. I tried to encourage her saying how great she looked whenever I saw her. I was so inspired by her tenacity. Not just at losing weight but her spirit is contagious. She draws you in and you’re an instant friend. Well, Rosie was giving tribute to a mutual friend, “Sara” at a party. Rosie spoke how Sara had encouraged her after her weight loss. Sara told Rosie, “I’m so happy for you. This is how I’ve always seen you.”

Sara saw Rosie for who she was. A beautiful woman. Not overweight with “such a pretty face”. Sara saw it right away. I wish I had said that. I wish I had seen that. The finished sculpture inside the block of marble.


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