Borrowing can be fun

I’m having a nice time at my friend Lisa’s using her computer. Contrary to my secure and undisclosed location, I can do a lot of work over here and have a good time chatting, listening to her parent her children. Lots more fun than trying to write something at 2 am.

Anyhow, I’m off to work in a few minutes but wanted to stay alive somehow in blogworld. I will have to go home soon and figure out what to leave for dinner. I have a shortened training day Tuesday, mom’s group on Wednesday, a meeting with our mortgage guy on Wednesday evening to once again attempt the refi on our townhouse, and a church music rehearsal Wednesday night. That’s going to be a long day. Then working the rest of the week.

A lot hinges on Wednesday. Well, actually, our attitudes hinge on Wednesday. Whatever comes of trying to get our credit to a manageable lump in the budget, its our attitudes that will absorb the impact. We have ways to take care of these things–kind of our Plan B–if the refi doesn’t go through again. I’d REALLY prefer Plan A so if y’all could ‘PRAY FOR A’, I’d be thankful.

We had a fun family weekend as I was off on Saturday and we headed to a scarecrow festival in 90 degree weather. What’s up with that in Chicago in October?! The kids did great sweating and eating hot dogs, fried potato chips and funnel cakes. Each declaring “I’m still hungry” after all of that. Well, the budget doesn’t allow for seconds of over priced festival food. We were lucky to find a couple bargains as it was! Wish I could upload the pics of our sweaty children marvelling at the scarecrow displays. Maybe next year.

Thanks to all for stickin’ with me. Pray for Plan A and a computer solution. Bye for now.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I’ll be prayin’ for Plan A. That’s the refi, right? Oh, well, I’m sure God knows which one is Plan A.

    Hang in there.


  2. I will also be praying for the Refi! It would be awesome for you I’m sure. I got all excited for you when I read this – cuz I would love for our credit to be in a place where we could refi (so i’m living vicariously through you!…while you’re at it friend, could you please pray for us and our finances – we are very overwhelmed by them right now…

    I’ve been missing you in Blogworld!

    Blessings! Tam


  3. Good luck! My hubby and I are exploring the world of financing right now as we are interested in building a house and it can be pretty depressing. I agree with Tom – only God knows the best plan.


  4. I’m always hungry after funnel cake too. What’s up with that?


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