What’re ya, high?

Having recently emerged from my secure and undisclosed location with a brand new used computer at home, I’m a little afraid of this post. But I feel compelled.

Does church leadership (on all levels) have an unhealthy dependence on espresso and Red Bull to get through the day?

I see a lot of the new young church culture using coffee humor about triple double extra shot uber-venti consumption and I realize that its a reflection of our current coffee shop-have- community-by-yourself-on-your-laptop culture–which is fine. I’m right with some of it. My question. Are caffeine and high energy drinks the new cocaine and cigarettes? Late night planning sessions, extended worship days, meetings, travel, preparation. Are the pastors getting any sleep? Are their staffs? I have no idea–I don’t work in a church office so everyone may just be doing fabulous.

Just a thought. I’m not against coffee. I like coffee as long as there is enough gunk in it to hide the taste. I’ve had to go back to decaf just for the sake of my body not killing me and/or my heart exploding. And the Starbucks jokes are funny mostly. And The Orchard does have better coffee than Starbucks. But I digress. What do you think?


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  1. hmmm, my man is a Worship Pastor, who obviously works with other Pastors who don’t seem to “require” coffee. Although we have a slammin espresso cafe at our church for those that do require this drug of choice.

    Good question though. It is a new generation that’s for sure!

    Oh Starbucks? Uck! Too snooty for me…


  2. I am a coffee lover. I have, however, cut back on caffeine intake since being pregnant. My heart races too much as it is. And I can’t drink any caffeine after 4 pm or so or I’m up all night.

    I would rather have caffeine take the place of cigarettes and cocaine though. I don’t like to see anyone become dependent on any thing, especially when we should put our dependence on God, but I would definitely rather see a pastor on a caffeine rush than high on cocaine or smelling like an ashtray. At least he’d be excited!


  3. Posted by kim on October 14, 2007 at 7:35 pm

    Good questions. I’m on a church staff, but very few of our staff would be catagorized as the ‘new young church culture’. I don’t know if I fall into that group, but I do love my coffee. 🙂 What I notice is a startling uniformity within what could be called the young church leadership culture, including the obsession with coffee based everything. Is it a true interest or a special kind of conformity? Hmmm…


  4. I’m with Kim – my church doesn’t have any staff younger than 35 so that’s not really an issue that I have considered. I do see a lot of addictive personality issues going on in the younger generations, however, and I wonder if it’s just a matter of gaining maturity or if younger crowds understand the potential seriousness of “small” addictions. Blindly feeding any kind of addiction may make it easier to justify the more destructive ones. I think the gift of self-control could be much better nurtured if it wasn’t only saved for the big weaknesses but regularly practiced on the small ones.


  5. Posted by jimmy paravane on October 23, 2007 at 10:34 am

    It’s OK if caffeine and high energy drinks the new cocaine and cigarettes. I’m just glad to hear pastors and their staff are no longer using cocaine and cigarettes to get through those late night planning sessions, extended worship days and meetings! Sorry, couldn’t resist. (grin)


  6. Posted by Joni on October 23, 2007 at 10:54 am

    Too funny. I’m surprised it took this long!! Thanks for leaving a note!


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