Random thoughts

OK, well, somehow my post from last night got completely obliterated except for the title. Although its pretty funny to have the title “Random thoughts” with nothing in the post, it wasn’t a statement I made on purpose. Sorry about that. I’ll have to come up with some more random thoughts and fill in. Hmm. I think they were these:

Songs of the week:
JD: “Take It All” Hilllsongs United
Maddie: “September” Earth Wind and Fire
Annaliese: Thomas The Tank Engine Theme song

Quotes of the week:
JD: “Mom, I don’t think I should go to the store with you today. I’m kind of crabby and I might get in trouble”.

JD: “Rock stars are boys and Pop stars are girls” (he did not hear this from his mother)

JD: “I love King and you love Goofy, Annaliese. King is MY dog”
Annaliese: “JD, God wants us to share dogs”

Maddie drew a picture of a baby, a kid, and an adult face for school about what people look like when they are growing. The baby and the kid had a frowny face. The grown up had a happy face. The explanation: “The baby is a baby and is crying, the kid is bigger and is afraid, the grown up is smiling because they’re not afraid anymore.” So apparently, when you grow up, you don’t ever get afraid again. I can’t wait to grow up.

And again, JD, after walking through the house looking for me: “Mom, my new Spiderman shoes are dirty. I stepped in dog poop.” Great.


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