Incoming TMI alert

Today is snuggly day at my house. It is chilly, cloudy, sprinkling rain. JD has some sort of cough that will keep him out of Health Club child care. My house is filthy despite Doug’s best efforts. I don’t feel like tackling the dishes or mopping the floor. I might wait until I have to unstick a child’s feet from the floor before mopping. I am having a MAJOR depression day. Woke up soaking wet from night sweats I think. Either that or someone wrapped me in a wet towel overnight. Feel like crying all the time. Especially over spilled milk. A whole glass–all over the table.

Snuggly day means me and the kids(and probably at least one animal) on the couch. Watching Playhouse Disney channel or Nick Jr. under a couple of blankets and dozing now and then or reading books. Nothing gets done. I picked up groceries early in the week so I don’t have to go out but I REALLY want some sugary caffeine free Coke…my favorite drink. I’ll have to settle for green tea and water while I desperately try and forget about the bags of Halloween candy “hidden” in my pantry. I am fortunate that as far as I know, Doug doesn’t get mad about my mental health days and the house being in a bit of a shambles. I’ve taken all my meds. I just have to deal with this happening every now and then I guess. Its just harder to be a consistent mom today. So if there are any locals out there reading this, feel free to pick up some Caffeine Free Coke and bring it over. I will even share with you. We have extra blankets and room on the other couch. Welcome to snuggly day. And thank you God for the chilly, cloudy weather.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Don’t know how local I might be (although the weather sounds familiar) — and I can’t help you with the Caffeine Free Coke — howzabout a “been there and knows what it’s like” hug?


  2. Joni,
    Being a mom is the hardest job on the face of the planet….w/o exception. I just wish I would have realized just how hard it was when ours were little (we had 4, our youngest is now 19)…so hope you get that coke (or 4), your blanket and snuggle away w/ your kidos….hang in there…and ps love your husbands name 🙂 pss…thanks for leaving a comment on my blog tonight. DM


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