Fatblogger weigh in

Monday 10/29 185.8

I think that’s 1 lb up. I’ve really been lax in my food. Since the type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, I feel like all I’ve eaten is junky food. No conscious reason. I’m actually surprised I’m not up more. I’ve had a chest cold and the kids are getting over theirs so I haven’t been able to workout at the health club and boy do I feel it. Lots of pain if I’m not working out. Although I did have to chase my dog around the neighborhood yesterday if that counts as a workout.

Well, I better go. Maddie will be up soon for school. As a matter of fact, here she comes now. Have a good day all!

4 responses to this post.

  1. I am an experienced dog chaser and it can really be a great work out!! You should be good until your cold is over 🙂



  2. Don’t sweat it girl! Tomorrow is a new day!


  3. And quit doing laundry! Seriously, my husband was diagnosed this spring and it is hard constantly thinking about what to eat. For the record, he never does laundry and he’s skinny. Sorta blows my theory.


  4. Don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on the horse and ride on! You are worth it!


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