Wheezing is overrated.

Poor JD. Has been coughing(as we all have) for over a week but it sounded loose and we didn’t worry about it. His behavior has also been nightmarish–like he has no ears to hear his mother. Well, close. Ear infection. And a sinus infection. And a respiratory infection. The trifecta of colds. So he got his meds and we’re working through them all. He’s not a fan of the ear drops or inhaler but would prefer to have the pink medicine as often as possible.

Well, suspecting that the wheezing sound in my chest was not going to improve, I went ahead and took me and Annaliese to the doctor this morning. Its so nice when you can bond with your children. We both have ear infections. Her lungs are clear but I get to use an inhaler just like JD–without the pediatric mask of course(wouldn’t that be fun though?).  As a matter of fact the doctor said, “to be honest, you’re a lot worse than she is.” Great. We grocery shopped and picked up the medicine. There’s nothing like a good double dose of steroids in the morning. Ahhhhh breathing. I’ve missed it. Now to “relax” until Maddie’s done with school.  There’s an old Barney episode I haven’t seen in awhile.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I’m sorry girl! Glad you finally went in. Well I can’t talk there – I’ve been dragging my feet for weeks to call the doc…

    So way to go for you!!! 😀


  2. I’m so sorry, I’ll be lifting little JD in prayer…..it hard when your kiddos are sick…

    Take care of YOU too tho!


  3. Oh…I hope you feel better! Anna filled in to do worship so all is well here. I pray that “all is well” soon at your house!!! At least you still have your good sense of humor :).


  4. awww, what a pitiful picture. Hope you all get well and regain your strength very soon.


  5. Wish you a speedy recovery Joni.


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