Random ranting

Pulled into a parking space at Target today. Two large women sitting in the car next to us eating chicken wings. They pull away. My kids and I trip on the chicken bones they have dumped in the parking space.

Overheard in the grocery store: “Katie if you don’t come here right now, I’m calling your father to come pick you up early.” and later, “ok, goodbye Katie, we’re leaving…” Would you come to this mom? Now that little girl was as mouthy as could be and I feel that mom’s pain. But there’s just something awful about trying to motivate your child through rejection.

Tried to get into a cart at the Wal-Mart but the kids have to step over 2 half-eaten boxes of raisins spilled on the floor of the double kid cart. In my frustration of tripping over food twice in the same 30 mins., I mutter loudly to food litterers everywhere, “clean up your crap!” And my 3 & 4 yr old echoes repeat “yeah, clean up your crap.”

On the brighter side, my daughter’s school safety patrol leader was back on the job today so pick-up time went a lot smoother. Is smoother a word?


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  1. What sets me off are the parents who let their kids crowd me in the check out line — I mean, they are right underfoot! And I’m not talking about the little ones…these kids were old enough to know better.

    Maybe I’m too possessive with my personal air space.

    And don’t get me started about my Wal-Mart experiences…argh!!

    Sigh…I am turning into that crabby old lady I said I’d never be…


  2. Is there anything worse that hearing those words coming out of your kids mouths and realizing where they come from? Even though I use that word and I no longer have little one, I squirm a little every time I hear my 15 year old say it. it makes me wish I was… smoother.


  3. Very funny Joni! I mean, funny to me…but not to you at the time! But I am thoroughly enjoying laughing at your frustration! is that mean???


  4. Haha “clean up your crap!” I could picture it so well…


  5. A friend was recently out for dinner, seated next to him were two young couples w/ children…ages 5 to 7…(this is a fancy restaurent mind you)…kids were running around tables including under friends table…long story short…friend tells 7 yr old, he was not supposed to come back and crawl under his table…at which point, father of child pipes up…”We don’t tell our children they can’t do this or that”…so friend sarcastically comments to child…then why don’t you just run outside and go play in the road…dad becomes livid…”do you want my kid to get hurt?”…:-(…two young couples decide their dinner had been ruined by mean old friend of mine so they get up to leave….restaurant bursts into applause….there are some people out there who really don’t have a clue on how to raise kids.


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