Being known part 2

Let me expand a little on the being known issue. We have sequestered ourselves in this culture. We want to be social so we go to a coffee shop. But, we bring a laptop or other work to do and we can be social but only as far as our protective boundaries allow. Its easier to stop a conversation when we obviously have something more important going on–thus the reason we bring the laptop etc. We have blogging communities which I have found to be an awesome venue for me. But, I have the safety of being able to edit before I publish(sometimes I remember to do that!) or to not even regard a response.

So it seems to me that we are craving community yet fearful of it at the same time. And back to being known. I think the reasons people don’t like to be asked for ID are inconvenience, takes extra time, maybe a little pride, but mostly because it hurts our feelings to not be recognized even when we see someone every day. And we get embarrassed not knowing someone. For instance, do you see anyone on a regular basis but can’t remember their name to save your life? You’ve had some pretty good conversations with them so now its too late to fess up and tell them you can’t remember their name so you desperately seek out someone who does know their name so you don’t look foolish. This identity stuff is a sensitive issue. And yes, you can take it too far and be overly sensitive to it.

What is it about being known that makes it such a risky endeavor?

2 responses to this post.

  1. I am up front, along with my husband, of nearly 2,000 people each weekend at church. People “know” us and our names but all we know are faces. It is so hard and uncomfortable when they call us by names and start a friendly conversation like we’ve known each other for years…which I love as well, cuz, really, they feel like they know us well. BUT, we have no idea who they are! And of course we are loving and friendly – I love people, I’ll walk up to anyone and make a friend. But when you can’t remember names (only faces) week after week it really starts making you feel bad and we hate that they may feel unimportant. Does that make sens?

    I’m not editing before I submit 😉


  2. I agree with the walls we put in place in order to have control of the possible relationships, friendships, or even conversations around us. For instance…..I text like ALL the time. But why? It would be so much easier to just call and say what I am writing. But instead….I text. I text to ensure that I can think about my response to someone. Its like it gives me more time and at the same time holds the other person at a controlable distance. Wow, thats just so weird. I have never really thought about it like that and yet I have wondered why i am texting vs. calling. I do seem to keep people at an arms length distance at times. Maybe because its scary to open yourself up to people, especially after dealing with so much rejection in my life.

    And that folks concludes todays show! =)

    Tune in tomorrow to see me spill even more of my life out 😉 haha


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