Fatblogger weigh in

So sorry. I just got back to the health club this week since we’ve all been sick. I’m still a little congested but really needed the workout. Thankfully, I haven’t really gained and sadly, I haven’t lost either. I’m at 185.8. Still struggling with the food. OK, I’m not struggling at all. I’m totally giving in. I think some of it has to do with the combo of meds I’m on. Working with the doctor on a new one to see if that helps the uncontrollable urge to eat all food within sight and/or reach. Its probably more about not being able to exercise. When I’m working out regularly, my brain is much happier and crazy mommy doesn’t show up as often. All right its probably actually more about my deep seated desire to get what I want when I want it and that at the age of 41, I still have the toddler mentality about food. This demon is one that will only respond to prayer and fasting. Fasting? Ugh. I knew it.


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  1. I’m stuck too…! My doctor held out a small hope that my thyroid levels were off and if my meds needed adjustment, that would help. Alas, that wasn’t meant to be. Maybe I should test the scales…by throwing them out the window. Argh.


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