Seems I’ve been tagged by Melissa to post 7 odd or random facts about myself. I’m so excited! I never get tagged. I feel loved. My instructions are to provide a link back to my tagger, post the 7 facts, and tag 7 others to continue the chain. So here we go…

1. I can’t eat a sandwich unless all the components are evenly distributed. i.e., each “burger” in a Big Mac must be centered. Seriously.
2. My pillow must be perfectly fluffed or I can’t relax.
3. I can belch VERY loud.
4. I can pick up things off the floor with my toes. A trait my youngest daughter has inherited.
5. I love Barry Manilow and will attempt to dance while listening to Copa Cabana.
6. When I was about 10, I chugged an entire can of grape soda on a hot day and promptly threw it up in the gravel driveway.
7. I have been researching and gearing up for Black Friday for about 2 weeks.

And now to do the tagging:

1. Kristen
2. Doug
3. Epiphany
4. Tam (who I’m sure has done this a million times because everybody loves her)
5. Super Mom
6. Misty


13 responses to this post.

  1. I don’t even know where to start. I’m just too wierd! Let’s see:

    1. I peel the crusts off my sandwiches.
    2. I like Xena: Warrior Princess and watch the reruns.
    3. I once sold hot dogs right outside the Oscar Mayer weiner mobile at UK.
    4. I am a computer game addict and currently am addicted to Everquest II.
    5. I seem to be good at interpreting other people’s dreams, though my own are just too outrageous to understand.
    6. I love to watch Ghost Hunters and other ghost/paranormal-related material. It just fascinates me, though if I ever actually saw a ghost, I’d wet my pants. 🙂
    7. I once played a prank on a vet at the clinic where I worked by stringing up some puppy tails we had bobbed off and hung them from his rear view mirror. It was July and very hot and he didn’t drive his car for a couple days–you can imagine the smell :0


  2. Oooh!! How Exciting!


  3. Hey I can pick up things with my toes too!


  4. My wife tagged me about 7 wierd or random facts about myself. What was she thinking…..

    1. I HATE tomatos, but love almost all other tomato based products.

    2. I grew up in a town of 250 people, Elvaston, IL.

    3. I became a teacher because someone told me I’d be good at it, not because I wanted to become a teacher.

    4. I love to chew on straws, coffee strirers, pen caps, & most anything round & plastic.

    5. I sleep with 4 pillows under my head, a body pillow between my legs, and a travel pillow under my right knee. I also sleep with my CPAP mask on over my walkman headphones.

    Sorry, I felt compelled to edit my husband’s random facts #6 & #7 for any number of reasons. Although amusing, they were just a bit over the top on the TMI scale and only a little accurate. 😉


  5. “I stopped wearing underwear (I hate boxers) when we couldn’t get pregnant with Maddie.”

    You have any idea how awkward this is gonna be if any of us ever meet you Doug???

    Oh my word 😯


  6. Tam, I promise if you ever meet Doug, he will most definitely be wearing underwear.
    Misty, seriously. Puppy tails? Urp.


  7. OK… I know this is your blog, Joni, but Doug…

    I have met you and spent quite a bit of time with you over the last year.

    I think I need clarification and I’ll be honest… I’m a little freaked out. No underwear???? Dude!!


  8. I guess I just got through the cutoff. Does that mean my comments have to be edited too 🙂


  9. Posted by Joni on November 20, 2007 at 10:15 pm

    Oh, no. I typically have a high TMI tolerance.


  10. Don’t they say boys are made from snakes and snails and puppy dog tails? 😉


  11. Don’t know how odd they are but here it goes…

    1. I can burp on command and taught all of my children to do it also. (no pop needed, cheaters!)
    2. I don’t like any kind of fruit in my ice cream.
    3. I hate tomatoes but I grow them every year
    4. I can time a meal and have it on the table exactly when I planned it.
    5. Along with the meal thing, I like to have Mike’s dinner plate of food on the table for him, hot, when he walks in the door from work.
    6. I am obsessively not late to anything. Ever. I literally get ill if I am.
    7. I once won a Bull winkle shirt from Taco Bell for eating 50 tacos with my best friend. She ate 25 I ate 25. Actually we ate more than that because after so many they gave you a free taco so we had to eat those too. Mike won one on his own 🙂



  12. Oh, and Joni, gearing up for Black friday is not odd!!! Come on!!! That’s just plain good sense!


  13. Posted by Dan on November 26, 2007 at 3:02 pm

    I already knew all of Doug’s 1 – 5 (well, okay I really didn’t know about all of the pillows) and now I’m really curious about 6 and 7. But, having lived w/ him twice and shared a tent with him for a week – I’m sure I wouldn’t be surprised.


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