Thanksgiving recap

We had a great time on Thanksgiving out at my sister’s house. She lives out in the country about 2 hours west of us. She makes great food and we all bring a snack for the afternoon. I brought 5 dozen dinner rolls instead. Basically, we show up at her house around lunch time, lay out the snacks and munch until an hour before dinner–because you don’t want to get filled up you know. It was one of the most relaxing Thanksgivings for me in a while. I wasn’t pregnant and nauseous. I wasn’t nursing an infant. I didn’t have to clean my own house nor brine a turkey, etc. I opened no cans of green beans or cream of mushroom soup this year. I did, however, peel about 7 lbs. of potatoes. Our kids ran off and played with their cousins all day with little incident. Annaliese was grieving the loss of her littleness as we re-started the potty training process. She must have cried on her bed like Scarlet O’Hara for over an hour. Then we explained the M & M reward system and she felt much better. She is a lot more environmentally conscious about her training than were Maddie and JD. For Annaliese, she needs just the right step stool up to the big potty as she will no longer use the potty seat. Its for little kids.

I can tell you are all very excited about more pee & poo stories. I’ll try to keep them to a minimum.


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