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King always knew I was pregnant before I did. For about 2 weeks prior to me finding out, he would follow me around with his head at my hip. Never did that otherwise.

OK, maybe not never. When Doug was in El Salvador for a week, King did the same thing. Followed me around with his head at my hip. Scared me to death. I thought I’d be pregnant! (but I wasn’t)

For about the first month after each of our babies came home from the hospital, if they were in the crib, he would nap on the floor next to it.

When King and Goofy(our really old cat)first met, poor declawed Goofy slapped the heck out of King in the nose. King was scared of the cat for two weeks.

King was afraid of thunderstorms and would hide in the bathroom no matter who or how many of us were in there. Maddie would give him a hug and tell him not to be afraid.

When we first got him, one thing that stopped him from running away from us was to yell “ouch” and pretend we were hurt. I discovered this because he pulled me off my feet and took off. I fell on the ground and yelling “ouch”. And poor King stopped, looked back and came running to me. After a while, he figured it out. But if you can imagine Doug chasing the dog through our neighbors’ yards, throwing himself on the ground on purpose yelling “ouch”, its very funny.

We left King with friends(Tom & Jean) for a weekend while we went off somewhere. When we picked King up, he got in the backseat of the car, turned his back on us and sat down. He would not look at us the whole ride home. He was either mad at us for leaving him or longing for Tom & Jean to be his parents.

I can’t believe he’s gone. I really can’t believe it. It just seemed much too soon.


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  1. So sorry for your loss Joni…you really wrote down some great memories of him. It’s good to think about all the good times you’ve had with a pet.

    I remember my Charlie cat now before he became mean and ornery and had to be exiled to the garage..he was such a sweet kitten, loved to curl up right under my chin when he was really little. It was the sweetest thing.


  2. Posted by Lori on December 6, 2007 at 11:02 am

    Joni, my thoughts are with you guys as you go through this tremendous loss. It is wonderful that you have such fun, good memories of King, those will stay with you forever. Just grieve and cry and remember – and someday you will be able to talk about him without crying! I promise!


  3. He brought you so much and has left you with so much. You will always treasure King, always love him and forever miss him. And that’s ok!


  4. Pets are truly a blessing. Sorry to hear of your loss.


  5. Jean and I are very sad. (Well, Jean will be when I tell her.) I think Belle will be sad just because we’re sad.

    Biblical shmiblical, I’m convinced that there will be dogs in heaven. They are the ultimate picture of unconditional love. They love you no matter what you look like. They are just as happy in a mansion or a cardboard box. They think anything you do is amazing. You are always the most important person in their life at that moment… well, unless a squirrel goes by.

    We’ll miss King.


  6. So sorry. My dog is the dog who convinced me to like dogs. I will be so sad when he goes.


  7. King sounds like a real sweetheart — what wonderful memories you have of him.


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