Feeling better

Well, here we are 11:45 pm the night before we head out of town for Christmas. Still not all packed, laundry in progress, half of the presents wrapped. So what am I doing blogging?

Thanks to a second doctor and extra meds my neck/shoulder/arm are functional without excruciating pain. Now its just kind of a constant bother. Did I mention the extra meds? I had an x-ray (5 views–nice neck)taken today. JD & Annaliese somehow conned a nurse to read them a book about Barbie and get them stickers while waiting for me outside the deathray room. I’m going to check into a new chiropractor when we get back in town. Comes highly recommended and is finally in my PPO! My doctor didn’t think the neck problem was a disc issue but is waiting on the xrays to confirm–happy holidays they’ll talk to me Wednesday.

The kids are doing fine. Maddie is much better and as her teacher pointed out today “has lots of energy”. She is so excited about seeing the grandparents and especially Uncle Chris. Oh, and then there’s this Christmas thing coming up. She’s made quite a list including a need for new teddy bears. “Mom, we all, me, JD and Annaliese, need new teddy bears. Our teddy bears are old.” Seriously, the kids haven’t been around that long. How old can the bears be?

Thanks to my friend Heather and her uber easy fudge recipe, I made a quick batch today so all was not lost.

Basically I’m posting so I can enter Christmas weekend without being a whiny Wendy. Back to wrapping. And packing. And …


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  1. Merry Christmas Joni.


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