Just a pain in the neck

OK, got my neck xray results: severe arthritis, some spurring, and narrowing–which I guess means the discs are flattening. Can I GET any shorter? They recommended an MRI and as soon as the insurance company pre-certifies it, I will have one. The pain is a little less as long as I don’t lay around although the docs told me not to exercise–I think she meant lift weights because being immobile is just bad. I am also going to check in with a new chiropractor now that we’re back in town.

I’ve been asked if I injured my neck specifically. Well, not unless you count being thrown across a car into the passenger-side windshield at the tender age of 18 in a drunk driving accident. That would be me as the drunk–and thank God I only clobbered inanimate objects(parked cars, mailboxes, a tree). As my doctor says, after 20-some years, its catching up with me in all the areas injured back then.  Just something for y’all to ponder as New Year’s Eve approaches.


One response to this post.

  1. Don’t we all do stupid things? Luckily you lived to tell about it and learn from it.

    As a child I ran head first into a barbed wire fence and slashed two big cuts into my right cheek. I have refused to get plastic surgery just because I want to remind myself to watch where I’m going–it works sometimes 😉


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