Obligatory New Year’s post

January 1, 2008

12:00 am: still trying to get kids to stay in bed and stop talking since 8:30 pm.
12:02 am: quietly acknowledge the new year by grunting to one another during a Balderdash game with friends
12:10 am: lose Balderdash game; kids fall asleep
2:00 am: return to our home; kids wide awake
2:10 am: kids in bed and back to sleep; mom and dad collapse
9:00 am: “mom, can we wake up now?”; “yes, but play quietly in your room”
9:05 am: very loud toy motorcycle with heavy metal soundtrack playing outside the room with children “talking” over the din
11:00 am: mom gets out of bed; picks up muffins at Dunkin Donuts hoping to God they are open on New Year’s Day
11:36 am: all eat breakfast
2:00 pm: naps
4:46 pm: mom remembers roast she was going to cook; starts oven, prepares PB & J for kids’ dinner
7:01 pm: mom and dad eat roast, kids eat cornbread casserole and Ritz crackers
8:00 pm: kids back to bed; mom and dad resume watching Season One of “24” on DVD. Only 8 hours to go.
12:00 am 1/2/08: mom and dad decide to go for it and watch the last 4 episodes.
1:43 am: mom and dad wake up and move from the living room into bed having not seen any of the episodes intended.


2 responses to this post.

  1. That last one is hysterical! hahaha


  2. Happy New Year Joni!


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