Bringing sexy back(some parental guidance suggested)

Who’s bringing sexy back?
My husband that’s who. And yes I realize that song is SO two songs ago. But stay with me.
Have you ever heard the phrase “for women, foreplay starts in the kitchen”? Well now, what’s hotter than coming home from an MRI and a trip to the grocery store where the tv is off and dad and the kids are doing a jigsaw puzzle at the table? Then organizes them to clean up their rooms. Since I’ve been working evenings, he’s had to fix dinner every night–complete with a vegetable. He’s done the laundry and the dishes.
Any of you ladies care to share a household “turn on” that might help the other hubbies along?

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  1. Posted by mangolatte on January 3, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    thought this was a funny exchange between me and my beau regarding your entry:

    “him: So are u trying to tell me I just have to cook for u
    me: that’s so romantic
    me: no
    him: And ull take ur clothes off
    him: And jump on me?
    him: Hehehhehe
    me: I just think that’s a really sweet husband
    me: lol (name)!
    me: SIGH”


  2. Men are reward based, kinda like our doggies. When they find that behavior that makes us go ga-ga over them, they’ll get really good at it 🙂 Did that sound bad?

    I tell ya, I love to cook, but I love it when hubby helps me out in the kitchen, especially with clean up. Or puts the kids to bed without me asking for help. Or just distracts them for me while I’m cooking or trying to rest.


  3. Interesting post and equally interesting comments 🙂


  4. That’s awesome…


  5. It’s true, it’s true. In my wildest dreams my husband cleans the BATHROOMS but in reality I appreciate it when he makes sure I don’t have to spend a moment wondering when the trash is going to stop being such an eyesore.


  6. I have NEVER done this before but you all really need to go and read my mans post that touched on this a bit. Apparently scientists have found that monkeys were the first to start prostitution as the male monkeys would vie for the females by grooming them knowing it would “turn the on”…it’s quite funny!


  7. Joni, tell you Man to mellow out. he’s making the rest of us look bad 🙂

    Seriously, that is awesome…tell him to keep up the good work!


  8. My wife and I have been getting along quite well now going on 29 yrs this April..and in large part, it is because if this very issue…I know what she appreciates (it’s her love language), and she knows what’s mine, so we intentionally, regularly speak the others “language.” Thanks for your comments on my blog yesterday by the way….wife is supposed to be home shortly..think I will go do some dishes.


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