I don’t want him to be 5

img_1564.jpg  Ok so here’s the cake I made for JDs 5th birthday on Dec 31. He wanted a pirate birthday so we were all outfitted in pirate hats, eye patches, earrings and telescopes. I wasn’t bothered so much when Maddie turned 5. More so when she turned 6. 7 will be an issue for me. But JD…  He is such a sweet boy. He was so excited by this cake. “Thank you mom for making my cake. I love it.” How cool is that? I hope he keeps that tenderness. However, right now all the children are yelling “mine! no, its mine!” to each other about who knows what so maybe not. And then there was some talk about a puzzle piece he hid in his underpants(that he’s wearing). Perhaps I’m just in denial.


2 responses to this post.

  1. They do grow up too quickly. I don’t know how they manage it. I fight against time and still they grow up so darn quickly!


  2. From the dad’s perspective on my son: every day it gets better and better. The older he gets, he gets even more awesomer.

    Not surprising, his mom feels the same way that you do 🙂


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