If you listen closely you can hear it

Its the sound of moms everywhere cheering at the end of Christmas break. Doesn’t that just sound awful? I used to think you moms of school kids were just awful for being glad the kids were going back to school. Don’t you want them with you all the time? How can you be so selfish? After all, that’s your job–to take care of the kids. How could you be happy to see them go?!!

Yeah. Well. Yaaay! Break is over!!! Time to go back to school! Woo hoooooooo!

I have LOVED being with my 1st grader Maddie for these two weeks. I don’t get to see her as often now that I’m working. But there comes a time when she’s ready to go back. She misses her friends, she misses her teacher and I think she misses the routine. She didn’t even flinch when we took down the Christmas tree and decorations. I think she is just ready to get on with life. You can only handle so many special treats and shows and activities. This is the time of year when getting back to the mundane looks pretty good to me.

So…back to breakfast at 7 am, Maddie to school by 8 am, the health club or an errand, lunch, iron work shirt, pick up Maddie, send them off to the neighbor, off to work, home by 7:30 pm for kid bedtime.  Such is life.


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  1. It’s the end of our very long summer holidays and I have loved having the kids home. Thankfully I didn’t work many days so I could spend a lot of time with them. School starts up on Wednesday and I’m nervous and excited for them 🙂 Going to miss the lazy mornings!


  2. Posted by marykaylady on January 7, 2008 at 10:17 am

    I’m so happy they are back in school. I haven’t been able to do anything in 2 weeks! Too bad I have to go back tomorrow. : ( I should get a vacation after having 4 kids home for two weeks. ; )


  3. It was nice to have Meg home for Christmas break, but it’s nice to have some extra quietness back here so I can be a little more productive. Now Zoe, on the other hand, is entering the terrible 3 stage (which I have always thought is worse than 2) and is a little booger much of the day. But at least she’s not arguing with sister.

    I agree–good to get back to some routine.


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