Pain in the neck update

Got my MRI results yesterday. And you know? This is just how my life goes.

All the pain I’m having is on the right side of my neck, shoulder and right arm. The MRI shows however, that the neck is messed up on the LEFT side. I actually asked the doctor(humbly)if they had read the results backwards or upside down. He was gracious in receiving the question and said the results were accurate short of them having put me in the machine backwards. I’ve never had an MRI before so how would I know?

Anyway, I have severe arthritis, narrowing of the vertebrae and C7 & T1 were fused congenitally–which I knew. Since all the symptoms are on the right side and have improved somewhat, we are going to try physical therapy and I will follow up with the doctor in a month–unless it gets worse. I am also going to see a chiropractor in conjunction with or instead of the physical therapy depending on the PT regimen. My doctor is pretty open to using whatever works.
I’m off of work today so I think I’ll go take a nap while the little ones are sleeping and Maddie has some quiet reading time to herself.


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  1. Posted by Beth on January 9, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    I am so sorry the MRI and reading. I know your pain (having had 2 back surgeries from ruptures!). I pray for you and that you find a treatment that will ease your pain. Chronic pain is no way to live! Bless you Joni.


  2. That actually makes sense. Your muscles and tendons on the right side are trying to compensate for the injury on the left side so are overtaxed and hurting. If you go to the chiropractor, he’ll probably tell you the same thing. I went to the chiro after a car wreck when I was preg with Zoe–he did wonders!


  3. Hey Joni….I will be praying for you. I myself have a terrible back and can just feel your pain thinking about it. I have bent over to grab a toy off the floor and not been able to stand back up. Oh Im so sorry you are going through that.

    Many prayers!


  4. Yuk! But I am a bit partial towards the PT! 😉


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