Not Fair

My husband Doug is excellent at research. Give him something to learn about and he will spend most waking moments  in pursuit. It took a year to find our Ford Expedition. It was just the right one with just the right features and at an insanely low price. I don’t know how long he spent researching his guitar purchase but I used to joke that his time on the internet was spent on guitar porn. Now since we put our dog King to sleep last month, Doug has had a difficult time being without a dog. So, yes, he is researching. What is the best possible way to buy a puppy? What breed? What breeder? Why not a shelter dog again? What is the purchase price/maintenance cost? I’ve been pretty resistant and he knows we don’t have the money to do this until that townhouse sells and I agree to have a newborn in the house again. Yet he sends me this.

Not fair.


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  1. …sigh! I am in the midst of doggie research too. Certain recent events led to it all — plus my youngest daughter’s insistance, “You NEED a dog, Mom.” Egads…the costs! But puppy kisses are priceless. So seems there might be a Cairn Terrier in my future…


  2. Ya–definitely not fair 😉 However, since giving our dog to friends, I save money, don’t have to bug the boys to take her out, don’t need to vacuum as often, can go away anytime we want….hey, I’m just trying to help! 😉


  3. That is just mean!

    How can you resist girl?!!


  4. i adopted a lab mix from linda’s magnificent mutts over the summer. $175 bucks (tax deductible as well) he’s a great pup, tons of energy and i don’t know how i got along without him. i would strongly recommend adoption, i feel it is the best way to go about adding new ‘kids’ to the home. cheers!


  5. Posted by Beth on January 19, 2008 at 10:09 am

    Sorry Joni, but I’m with Doug. Every kid needs a dog or two around. Of course I was raised breeding and showing dogs, so I am biased. Hey, at least he didn’t show the kids the pictures first! That would be playing dirty…he is just showing you some options. HAHA


  6. Posted by Marisa on January 20, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    I got Monty from the following organization: I would recommend them. The cost is also $175 or I think $225 for a puppy. I say get a dog…when the time is right, so I’m on both of your sides! 🙂 I think rescue is the way to go, as there are so many dogs out there that need good homes. This organization also fosters first, so you will know if the dog is trained, good with kids, healthy, etc.


  7. Posted by Chris on January 22, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    Are you guys insane???? I loved King as much as the rest of you, but come on…… A dog that size does NOT belong inside the house! Big dogs need to live outside where they can run and jump and release all their penned up energy. Not to mention, the cost of all the vet bills, dog food, ect ect… Seems like that funding could be better spent elsewhere….. But that just comes from an idiot brother who knows nothing about funding anyway…. What do I know? Just promise me, that if I suddenly die one day, you guys wont go and replace me with another just to forget me!!! LOL


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