Playing Catch Up

We have had a few things going on that I haven’t really taken time to blog about so here goes. Did I tell you Maddie cut her hair? img_1575.jpg With a little help from JD in the linen closet. At least he was there. Maddie confesses to the whole thing. He did admit to taking a few chunks off the top of his own. img_1573.jpg

So Dad took her to get it “blended” the next day. Good job!


Then there’s the food pantry project we’re shutting down. img_1594.jpg

Still selling the townhouse. Anybody want to live in Wheaton, IL?

Church is awesome. JDs, well all the kids’ new favorite song is “We Shine” by Steve Fee. Thanks Mike.

My neck is improving. Will see the chiropractor Friday. Thanks Paula for the coupon!

Its -4° today. And just for Kristen…it FEELS LIKE -15°.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hey when I checked the weather this morning it said “feels like -24”

    Maddie looks cute maybe you should have had the hair cutter person do a worse job so that she wouldn’t try it again!!!


  2. Look how shiny that floor is that your ants are crawling on!!

    That husband of yours IS doing a great job. He obviously does the floors as well!!


  3. That darn Townhouse! What is up Gods mighty sleeve with that???

    The hair turned out very cute!

    I pulled something in my upper back neck area today. I never do that. OUCH! I’m sitting with the heat as i type. Did i say OUCH?!


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