Too much to dream for?

This morning, Annaliese announced that she had picked out her own outfit, dressed herself and yes, changed her own pull up. And before her pre-church bath, she peed in the potty on her own with a dry pull up. Such independence has not been seen on this potty training level. She has many other “I can do it myself” moments but can this be the end for me? Only time will tell. Next stop…poop.


4 responses to this post.

  1. YAY!!! It;s so cool to see them “get” it! She sounds so cute!


  2. That is VERY independent of her!!!


  3. Excellent! Just wait til she has the car keys… 😉


  4. Zoe is at that same level now too. She just turned 3. She poops in the potty, but I have to make her every few days and she hates to sit there for long. That’s been a challenge.


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