Gaining perspective

Once again I am blown away by the teaching at The Orchard church community. Thank you Scott, Chris and Mike and all the people it takes to make it happen every weekend. We just closed out a 3 week series titled I Am Spirit. We are not just flesh and bone. We are spiritual beings. Knowing that, how does it affect how we see ourselves, others and God? There is a moment of change in that spirit part of us when we decide to follow Jesus. Then, a journey of change which is best done when we can hear what God is saying and put those things into practice. Get the podcasts. Seriously.

I know this happens to all of you. Themes pop up in  your life. Suddenly your conversations, things you read,  messages or music you hear, things your kids do, all seem to have a running theme or confirm what you have been thinking. Me too. Lately, my running theme is perspective. From Doug’s trip to El Salvador last summer to our townhouse debacle to our kids watching how a straw’s shape changes in a glass of water–all are explained by perspective. One definition of perspective is this: the faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship. Another definition says simply: a view.  How we see things. Sometimes what you see is not what is actually there.

Our townhouse has not become the financial solution we had hoped or been advised on. But put into perspective, we got to engage with a family member. He needed help. We needed help. And a relationship was restored. Is that worth $30,000?

I am working part-time now(a huge pain in the family butt) and Doug is a stay at home Dad in the afternoon/evening.  I miss my kids — especially Maddie– in those 20 hours a week. Put into perspective, we’re gaining some income to help out the budget. I have a new perspective of a working spouse arriving home, having work issues in my head yet trying to reconnect with the family and being sympathetic to the afternoon’s events. I believe Doug has a new perspective of a stay at home mom as he is responsible for home work, dinner, getting 3 kids ready for bedtime, laundry, dishes, all while trying to shed his work issues and having to hit the ground running when he gets home from school.

And with photos of Doug’s El Salvador trip running on our computer screen saver, we have a constant reminder that we are very rich, never starving, and never alone.

What do you see?


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