Friends of the Depressed

If you are a friend or family member of someone who is depressed–diagnosed or not–I have discovered something tangible to pray for them. Motivation. If there are small children involved, pray for their safe self sufficiency for increments of time.

You have heard my tales of overwhelmedness(I know, not a word). My desktop frequently is piled with papers. I know I need to get some paperwork done to help our situation–filing tax returns, filing bank statements, getting rid of all things mortgage to clear my mind. Today, and inspired by a friend who asked how she could pray, I decided to just start sorting without over thinking.

I am a depressed woman who will talk myself out of any task that requires more than 60 seconds and 1 step. Today I needed to take a few steps out of the pit my mind tends toward and get something done. For me, if I can just make one move, it will probably jump start the rest of me. And I think God fills in with some odd motivational factors–like Annaliese peeing on her entire bed ensemble overnight which got me going on the laundry. It was smelly but effective. 🙂

So, pray for one step, slower thinking, children occupied elsewhere,  deaf ears to negative voices.

Back to the paper monster in my living room. And lunch. And a shower. And picking up Maddie from school. And…


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  1. Posted by aporia24 on January 30, 2008 at 3:46 pm



  2. Thanks for bringing up this issue. Moms get depressed a lot–I’ve really had bad bouts with it since my second child came along. You said it perfectly with the “overwhelmedness”. My depressed times stem from being so overwhelmed with just so much “stuff” to be done. And a lot of people just don’t realized that full-time mamas can even be depressed. There’s that stigma of sitting on the couch all day eating Bon bons. I’ve never even had a bon-bon.


  3. Posted by Dan on January 31, 2008 at 11:57 am

    Joni – forgive me for not remembering and forgive me for not asking. I have known you for so long that I just think of you as who you are – You’re Joni – funny, smart, a freakishly good cranium player, great singer, and it is only through this blog that I am reminded of your depression.


  4. Posted by Joni on January 31, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    Dan, like I said in my email, the “having fun” part is easy. Its the “get stuff done before its urgent” part that has the problems. I do enjoy being a freakishly good cranium player and without music I’d really have a difficult time adjusting through life. Its one of the few things that doesn’t require a lot of work. I know that sounds odd to say but its probably like you and running?


  5. overwhelmedness—great word and I can so relate!!


  6. “deaf ears to negative voices”




  7. Joni I am praying for you!! I just finished reading a book called “A Joy I’d Never Known” by Jan Dravecky. I read it because of my issue with anxiety/panic attacks but the book went into a severe depression she suffered as a Christian. It was very interesting to read, quite inspiring actually. If you would like the book I would be glad to mail it out to you =)


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