Household tip #2…

When cleaning a spill from a full 10 oz glass of protein shake, make sure all electronic devices are quickly moved out of the way, yet not into the sink. If you’ve made the shake with crushed ice, it will be thicker and won’t spread so fast. Unless of course  its on the counter above the running dishwasher which will melt it and send it flowing. But I digress. Anyway, hold a wide mouthed mixing bowl directly under the counter top and scrape the liquid carefully into the bowl. The counter will be much easier to clean if you don’t have to mop up the entire 10 oz of protein shake with towels alone. The Pampered Chef Handy Scraper is a great tool for this.


One response to this post.

  1. hmmm, not that you’d know from experience 😉

    thanks for the tip!


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