Not a whiny post

This is the second time this week I began a frustrated venting post crabbing about my day and then didn’t have time to finish. When I came back to publish it, it just seems irrelevant because I got over myself since writing it! So today, I’ll just write a non-whining post for a change.

I’m a little relieved from the stresses of the week. Had a few routine things turn urgent. Waiting on repairmen, being late getting Maddie to school, kid training. I decided to pray differently and ask for a change in me, not my circumstances. Maybe its my cynic side that says if I pray for a change in my circumstances like selling the townhouse TODAY and having the repairman come on time, and it doesn’t happen that way, then I’ll get ticked. So I prayed for the capacity to deal with things with a happy heart(a la Madame Blueberry) or at the least to just deal with them. My day was a LOT more peaceful. And most of the stuff turned out fine anyway. Hmm. Could it be the passage in Phil 4 about being anxious for nothing, presenting my requests to God humbly and with gratitude which gives mind boggling peace that guards your heart is actually TRUE?!

Nah. I’m sure I just got up on the right side of the bed. Or maybe it was the coffee. 😉


4 responses to this post.

  1. Ohh I so understand the need for changing ourselves. My single circumstance was always being prayed about and begging for God to change it. Then…I decided to ask God to help me be content. Change me, not my circumstance. And POOF! It began to happen.

    Now, much like you…..maybe its just been the morning coffee I have been taking or those new anti-anxiety pills?? 😉

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. I hear ya. With all the physical stuff I’ve been experiencing these last few weeks, I’m just praying for God to give the the grace to get through it. My prayers have been more like pleas at times. Just a lot of “Help me Lord” kinda stuff. I don’t really feel any better physically, but I feel more peaceful inside knowing He’s there with me, still in control.


  3. You’re so right on Joni. Asking for the capacity to accept the things we cannot change and wisdom to know the difference is usually the last thing I do. I get flustered and all freaked first then it hits me.

    Glad you had a good day!


  4. Oh Joni, we are so much alike. I’m just catching up a little tonight and EVERY post of yours I read makes me think we are kindred spirits. This one is so true. I’m trying to teach my daughter now about how to deal with things when they don’t go our way (from many, many years of past experience and God having to nearly hit me over the head sometimes) Thanks for making me feel we moms/wives/women/Christians, etc. etc are on a common journey!


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