Its Boob-o-gram time!

It’s time again for my annual mammogram. Had it last week and wouldn’t you know it, they wanted more views. I’m so proud. So I went this morning and they took their extra pictures. Apparently, whatever showed up last week wasn’t there today so I’m clear for another 6 months. I have to follow up the follow up test.

And of course, I made some observations while I was there. Why does everything associated with a mammogram take on the “mammo” prefix? Can they just call it a wet wipe to get rid of the lotion and deodorant? No. Its called a “Mammowipe”. Really. And the machine is not just an imaging machine, its called a “Mammomat”. What the? Even the educational materials get in the game. There is a chart that shows what size lumps can be detected by monthly self exam vs. waiting to get a mammogram. Yep. Its called the “MammoCare Lump Chart”.  Like using “mammo” let’s people know, “oh, its about the boobs.” Well thank heavens that was cleared up.

Then there’s the waiting room. All us ladies in our robes looking cautiously at each other half-wondering “what’re you in for?” One very nervous woman was getting a follow up test as well. She was perfectly willing to share her fears. We all kind of smiled and nodded to reassure her she wasn’t being silly. Another was several years removed from her own breast cancer. She was hoping for another “all clear”.  And we all sit nervously awaiting the nurse consultation telling us we will either need more tests or can go home without a care in the world. Last year I was the “need a biopsy, see the surgeon” girl. This year, no worries. At least no mammo-worries.

Check your breasts. Go here for more information and/or support.  I know I’m making light of it here but it is important to take care of yourself and be aware of your breast health.


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  1. To quote Simon Birch…..



  2. Thanks for the reminder! It’s hard to remember that self-exam, and I think women dread the boob-o-gram as much as men dread the prostrate exams….well, maybe not AS much!


  3. I just checked my wife’s… I think she’s good, but I’ll check again 🙂
    Hey I’m married! 🙂

    Oh and Misty… us guys actually don’t dread falling face down on the floor as much as the ol’ doctor with the glove. Funny how one letter makes a difference.


  4. Posted by Joni on February 27, 2008 at 7:16 am

    OMG!! That’s hilarious. And Mike, what a fine idea. Husbands and wives–make it a date night!!


  5. Doug, Mike!!! Geeze! love it 😀 So funny!

    My very first “gram” I’m anti-mammo, was suspicious. So I had to go back again like you…AHHH – the intensity of the unknown…hated it!

    Glad everythings fine Joni!


  6. Posted by Denise on February 28, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    Joni I’m very glad you are well…I had my routine mammogram on Feb. 12th. Never have had a problem before, but it came back like yours did last year… Six days ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer…it’s early and my prospects should be good. As much as I dread what may be ahead for me, having had a mammogram may save my life….keep getting them, girls!


  7. Oh D, I’m so sorry. But hopeful that it was caught early. I’ll call you soon. Love you.


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