Bad example or righteous indignation?

OK, I don’t set perfect examples for my kids to follow. “WHAT?!” you say? I know. Hard to believe. Just check out my “tips” category. Anyway, my mouth gets me in trouble. Like the time I told JD I was tired of all the crap on the living room floor to which he responded “what crap, Mom?” Yeah. More $$ to the therapy fund. Well this is one of those “when will they repeat what I said” moments. But I defend it 100%!!!

Pulling into the gas station today I pull up right next to a man pumping gas and having a cigarette–standing next to his gas tank. Seriously. It wasn’t that big a vehicle. Could you not WAIT 10 STINKIN’ MINUTES BEFORE BLOWING UP THE REST OF US??!! And in the spirit of my mood, I exclaimed under my breath(sort of) “what is this idiot doing?”

Its always JD(5). I know he’s going to call some kid an idiot most likely in the middle of the church lobby. Its always church. Because of course when we go to church, everyone knows our family would NEVER say or do anything inappropriate. That would totally blow our cover.

I still think the guy smoking while pumping gas was acting like an idiot.


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  1. No man. You would be a liar if you didn’t call that guy an idiot. Cause he IS!


  2. Posted by Dan on March 11, 2008 at 5:47 am

    Like the time my daughter (who was probably 3 or 4 at the time) wanted to “read” one of the sale flyers that came with the newspaper. After thumbing through all of the pages, she exclaimed: “Crap! There’s no toys in here.”

    I HATE it when my wife sets such a bad example for our children.

    Doug – you need to step up and lead your family!!


  3. Posted by Lori on March 11, 2008 at 7:55 am

    I think we could all write a book of all the stupid (bad word) things we say in front of our kids…..sometimes not realizing it until they repeat it 2 weeks later! In the drive thru at well known burger (?) joint: 6 year old daughter in the backseat to the car in front of us…. “MOVE IT LADY! WOULD YOU HURRY IT UP!!” Oh my.


  4. and how come it’s like pulling teeth to get little ones to repeat “i’m sorry” or “yes mom, you are right”



  5. If I told you all the stories about my kids saying bad words you would think my husband and I were longshoremen. My favorite, which I am not allowed to tell in front of people we know, is when a twelve year old used the word b@st@*d in a joke at the dinner table. She had no idea it was profane. We all about fell over.


  6. Posted by Joni on March 11, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    tam-maybe if we yell it loudly at strangers they would pick it up

    saralee-I honestly thought I invented that word. I wanted to call my brother a turd on our way to Baskin Robbins. I just combined Baskin and turd and there you go. My mom about fell over too!


  7. Thanks for letting me know in advance. When I hear him say it, i’ll just smile and understand. lol!


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