But enough about me…

Just got back from reading an awesome post at Floating Axhead entitled “The Church of Oprah”. Check it out for all the specifics. Essentially it quotes Oprah in her recent promotion of Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” as the be all and end all philosophy to live by. It appears self focused and scarily, Oprah would like to teach us all via the world’s largest interactive classroom. She believes she was “born to be a vehicle to bring this information”.

Its taken me YEARS to NOT be self focused. That didn’t come out right. Its taken me YEARS to realize I can not  fix myself, con myself into making changes, pull myself up and carry on, portray someone other than the real me. Its not about me. Whatever “it” is, is NOT about me.

We’re closing up an awesome series this weekend at the Orchard called “The Other Side”. We talked about the afterlife, heaven, and this weekend–hell. Fun. Scott has been teaching what the bible says about all these things. Not tradition, not supposition, but the bible.

The first week on The Afterlife, Scott laid out the clearest instruction on sin, salvation, and guilt that I have EVER heard. I’m begging you to get the podcast. If you struggle at all with what to do about the sin we just can’t seem to stop doing even though we desire to do the right thing, if you can’t seem to free your mind from your past or fear  the future, please take a listen.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned in the last two years is that the more I look at Jesus, the more I understand who I am.  When I spend that time looking at myself and trying to fix myself, I’m blind as a bat. What do you think? How much introspection is a good thing?


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  1. When I start repeating I’s and me’s, I grown weary. I start to feel selfish.

    I don’t need self-help, I need God’s help.

    I figure others need Him too so instead of praying for myself, I life others in prayer.


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