Kid theology

Friday, Mar 14…
Maddie: “Yaay!!! 2 days until St. Patrick’s Day, Woooo. And then Friday is Good Friday!!!” (btw, we’re not Irish, she’s excited about 1st grade party)
JD: “Yaay, Good Friday!!!! Jesus dies!! Yaaay!!!”

Saturday, Mar 15…Maddie has a classmate over to play who notices we have Good Friday marked on our wall calendar…
Maddie: “Jesus dies on Friday”
Classmate: “Is he still alive?”
insecure mom disclaimer: I have explained that Good Friday is when we remember Jesus’ death and then we celebrate on Easter that he rose from the dead and is alive. He doesn’t just keep dying every year.

Mar 15, Saturday evening church
Annaliese: “No! No! No!!!!!! I don’t want to go into class! I’m afraid! I’m afraid!!!
Mom: “What are you afraid of?”
Annaliese: “I’m afraid of peopl-l-l-l-l-l-e! I’m afraid of peopl-l-l-l-l-l-e! I don’t want to go-o-o-o-o-o-o (sound trails off as I hand her to kids’ church volunteer and they close the door)
If you don’t believe me, ask Amanda or Jen–I have witnesses. Typically, she LOVES going to church and LOVES her class and teachers. So obviously the late-nap-in-the-afternoon-before-church thing didn’t produce the results I’d hoped for. Note to self.


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