Rants, Whines, and Stoner Logic

Want a real tax break? Stop buying alcohol(booze) and cigarettes, especially cigarettes(sorry Carolinas) since the majority of the price is made up of taxes. A great way to stick it to the man!

Why are insurance companies willing to pay for twelve weeks of physical therapy 3x a week($110x3x12=$3960) instead of an hour Swedish massage 1x week for a year($60×52=$3160) as a preventative measure? They will also cover the lung transplant, oxygen supplies, cancer surgeries, radiation and chemo but will not cover smoking cessation clinics.

Dumb laws:

Smoking ban in public places–its not the government’s business. Stay away from places that allow smoking if you need to make a non-smoking statement. Let the business owners/property managers make the decisions.

Cell phone bans in cars-yeah they can be dangerous but…phones don’t kill people. People kill people. Let the insurance companies work with the phone companies. If you have an accident while using your cell phone, your deductible triples or benefits decrease or your claim doesn’t get paid, they report it to your phone provider and the provider puts a lock mechanism on the phone sync’d to your ignition switch for a period of time or forever on repeat offenders.

Kids have to be 4’9″ before they can be out of a booster seat. Seriously, 4 more inches and I would TOTALLY have my own Hello Kitty booster in the driver’s seat. Hmm, which actually might be cheaper than buying a vehicle with movable pedals and rising seats.

Is it Chicago or Illinois lawmakers that proposed a ban on the sale of snack size baggies because people are selling drugs in them. Baggies don’t kill people. People kill people.

What’s on YOUR mind?


5 responses to this post.

  1. Ahww…see I am HUGE on smoking and how it affects people. People cannot as a rule just stay away from public places. Malls are public places and we all do need to shop. Restaurants – public places. School sports – public places. List is endless. Non-smokers are forced by smokers to be exposed to THEIR bad habit. Nope sorry. Don’t agree with you on that one! ^_^ BUT as I always say – each to their own right?


  2. I am all about the Sweetish massage! I also think that facials should be available to ward off the need for a dermatologist.


  3. Ok…I agree on the preventative massage and everything else except…the smoking! Smoking is the only bad habit that you share with everyone around you. If you had to drink a beer every time your friend drank a beer or shoot up every time your friend was shooting up, then those would be in the same category. Although a drunk or druggie could easily kill you if behind the wheel, they aren’t killing you or even effecting your health by the act of them drinking or getting high. Not so with smoking…as soon as you light up you are “sharing” with everyone else’s lungs. Studies show that second-hand smoke does cause harm. That’s my two-cents…or possibly more!!


  4. Selfishly, I’m glad that there is a smoking ban, however, it hasn’t affected my way of life one bit. Prior to the ban, I didn’t go where there was smoke and/or smokers. I could get everything I needed without subjecting myself to someone else’s bad habit.

    On the other hand……..

    As someone who is morbidly obese, my bad habit has affected those around me, specifically on airplanes, and in other tight quarters. Granted, it doesn’t affect someone elses physical well being, unless that person on the plane has high blood pressure and gets so pissed that they have a heart attack.

    As far as car seats and boosters…… I was brought home from the hospital in an apple box sitting in the back seat of my dads 66 Impala. I used to lay in the back window on long trips, and still ride in the back end of an open pick up whenever I can. I also drove my lawn mower around town in my dad’s car and grandpa’s pickup when I was only 11.

    I miss the farm and growing up in a town of 250 people.


  5. I am soooo with you on the smoking thing. I think that if I own a business I should be the one who dictates what goes on in there as long as it is legal. If you don’t like it go somewhere else. I don’t smoke and I would probably usually choose a smoke free environment. The economy drives the decisions of intelligent business people and I dont think there would be any shortage of smoke free places. Now I’m talking about small private businesses, not mall airports, ect.


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