Half birthdays?

Background: Maddie and Annaliese both have birthdays in June. J.D.’s is in December. Mine and my niece’s are in July and the grandparents celebrate all the summer birthdays at once.

We purchased birthday gifts today for Maddie’s classmate who has a birthday party tomorrow, and also for a family friend who has his party Saturday. As expected the kids fawned over every doll and toy they saw. They’re pretty good when I say no they can’t have one today. Then they ask, “can I have it for my birthday?” Now, my answer is usually, “we’ll see, let’s just wait.” That’s easier to do when the birthdate is 2 months away. Not so much for poor JD who asks how many days til his birthday and I tell him, “180”. So for him to receive some fun summer toy, we either have to buy it now and then get something additional for the girls to even it up(tripling the cost) or relegate their purchases to birthday gifts and JD gets special presents for no reason. JD has waited 3 1/2 months to use his Toss Back baseball net received for Christmas.

Doug suggested doing a half birthday for him which I think would be fun. Or should we just get him a few little things for the summer and leave it alone? Is it ok to get your kids something just to get it for them? Does J.D. need to just deal with the fact that his birthday is 6 months later than anyone else’s and that he gets all his gifts in the winter(Christmas and Birthday?) It may seem like an odd question but our budget has been such that new toys are usually considered special and come around from my biannual resale quests(Spring and Fall). We rarely get something just to get it although I wish I could. Especially when I know its not one of those “play-with-it-for-30-minutes-and-never-use-it-again” items.



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  1. we started the half birthday thing and then had a hard time with follow through. It was fun, though, half a cake, half a song, so on. It is fine to get things just to get them! If God provides in that way go for it!


  2. Posted by Beth on March 28, 2008 at 11:38 am

    I love the half birthday, since everyone in my family is March or April…and I’m October. I never got a 1/2 birthday, and eventually learned to love being special (plus everyone’s budget wasn’t blown at my birthday!).

    Thomas was really wanting a new toy and I just can’t bring myself to buy a toy “just because”. He did extra chores (like cleaning the doggie droppings in the backyard) to “earn” the toy. It was a great motivator for him to work and learn also that hard work pays off.


  3. So maybe when the Townhouse has officially closed and is out of your hands…you can get each kiddo a little gift as a celebration?


  4. Posted by Chris on March 30, 2008 at 5:45 pm

    Why does this seem like its being over analyzed? Why does it have to be a “Special Occasion” for a child to receive a gift from a parent or grandparent? Dont good kids deserve something “just because” now and then? Just make it fair. Buy all the kids something, not just a chosen number. And make the gifts a REWARD for doing as they were told. Dont say “its because I love you” because next time they want something and you say no, then they will think you no longer love them….. I feel parents these days tend to “OVER TEXTBOOK” kids these days when it comes to raising them…. I fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to raising my daughter, and ya know what? For those of you who know my daughter, will agree, she is an AWESOME little girl. My parents didnt have a text book raising us, and made mistakes like any normal human will make, but I turned out pretty darn good. I cant remember getting things I asked for very often, so when I did, it was AWESOME!!!!! But, on the other hand, when mom and/or dad said “NO” we knew, it meant NO! Any further whining or begging resulted in “getting one when we got home” which I became VERY familiar with, and I TOTALLY knew that follow through was immanent. Lets stop being so hard on our kids, ease up and let them be kids. Maybe use it as a tool showing our kids that God wants us to be generous. But to also teach our kids that no really means no. Gifts for no reason is ok in moderation… How about teaching them that we as parents really do have words in our vocabulary beyond the words “NO” or “Maybe for your birthday” or the one I was SO good at using, “I just dont have the money right now”. Wouldnt we get tired if every time we asked God for something he told us those excuses? God answers each and every request we have…. We just might not like his answers. But sometimes we do…. Dont our kids deserve the same treatment? The townhouse selling was a blessing from God. And an answer to EVERYONES prayers, agreed? Well, arent you glad that God didnt wait to answer you till your birthday? Or Doug’s birthday for that matter….. Just another way we should pattern our life and ourselves to be more like God. But what do I know anyway….. I’m just a sinner saved by grace, that seems to have his eyes opened more and more each day as to everything I do wrong, and the path I really should be traveling. And for those eye openings, I’m truly grateful, I just hope I can teach them to my daughter as well…


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