Space invader

Not outer space but personal space. We adopted a beautiful big baby of a dog yesterday. He’s about 70 lbs., a Rottweiler/Labrador mix, and his name is Champ. Here’s what we’ve learned in the last 24 hours…

He’s a lonely dog. Really lonely. Where we go, he goes and promptly lays down about 3-4 inches behind you. Quietly. Lots of tripping and such. We are crate training him but he’s caught on to the “get the treat/close the door” trick so we have to nudge a little. He likes to attack/play with the vacuum cleaner hard floor attachment. So that’s fun. He likes to chase JD around the house usually baited by, yep, JD giggling all the way. He farts when he has to poop. Good tip. He went through the house marking all things pee. Like anywhere Goofy has peed(albeit cleaned up), and interestingly enough, Annaliese’s potty training accident sites and clothes. He likes the neighbor’s Husky. He LOVES birds, squirrels, rabbits. He finds Goofy curious. Especially the slapping. Doesn’t phase Champ. I can almost hear Goofy saying, “Crap! What is sniffing my butt and not getting out of my way? Hey, anybody want to help out the blind cat who was here first?!” Champ is a leaner. He’s a lefty. Walks on your left and/or right in front of you. Not used to that. King was a righty. Champ is a good leash walker until his love of small woodland creatures emerges. He can sit. He stares. And like all good children, he whines at bedtime.

So, here we go. More animal posts, training tips, and rants to come. Aren’t you all excited?!!!!


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  1. Posted by Beth on April 10, 2008 at 7:32 am

    Amazing how one animal can change a household, huh?! A tip I learned about the peeing…use hydrogen peroxide to clean the area and it neutralizes it. Let the peroxide sit for a day, then rinse with water (I use our carpet shampoo-er with no soap). I used this for a cat we had and it was amazing…and CHEAP!!

    It sounds like Champ is obedience trained. They are trained to heel on the left side. He should also sit next to your left leg when you stop walking. Keep working with him…it makes it easier for kids to walk the dog too, especially a dog his size!

    Congrats on the newest member of the Ruhs household/family!!!!


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