dinner shminner

I feel like having ice cream and Coke for dinner. I don’t think the kids will mind, do you? All I need is ice cream and Coke. I wish the grocery store would deliver.

Went to a funeral today. One of my neighbors passed away young from cancer.  It feels like one of the porch lights went out in the neighborhood. Can summer really come if she is not sitting in her driveway after a day poolside, finishing her tan with an ice cold something or other in hand? I’m going to miss her. She liked our kids. Especially JD. At least most of the time. I’m sure she remarked on their volume and ear-splitting playtimes. Or maybe MY volume. I will miss her beautiful flowers. I will miss her encouraging me not to sweat it because after all, I do have 3 small kids and can’t be expected to do ____________(fill in the blank). That line always bought me another 10, ok 30 minutes in the driveway. I didn’t get to sit with the neighbors a lot last summer. After all, I do have 3 small kids and can’t be expected…

I’m glad I got to see her and talk to her before she died. I’m glad my kids rallied and painted her pictures. I’m glad she was still able to see the pictures and know who they were from. If God has a driveway, Jane is sitting in it in a much nicer lawn chair, most likely with a Corona in hand and getting the PERFECT tan.

God bless you Janie! See you after awhile.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Heaven does have the best beer.

    Sorry for your loss, Joni.


  2. I miss Jane too and I didn’t even know her! You painted a perfect description of her peaceful presence in this world. My heart goes out to you and my prayers for all effected by her loss.


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