Looking for material

With this neck/shoulder/arm injury, its not very comfortable to spend much time at the computer. I thought I’d look back through some old posts to see if there was anything worthy enough to reprint. After all, if you haven’t read it, its new to you right?

I looked through a couple categories and landed on “things kids say” just for fun. It immediately fed my spirit just to read through the last 18 months of blog entries about my kids philosophies. Sorry. I know that doesn’t do you readers much good as to finding something new or interesting to read. But I feel better.

If you are a blogger, spend some time looking back at your electronic journal. Especially if you need a lift. You will see answered prayers if you’re a praying person, intelligent discourse, ebb and flow of life and emotion. You will see problems that got bigger or smaller or resolved. You will see the lighter side of kids who irritate you and bless you all in the same day. Same with friends or spouses. Its encouraging and challenging.

Perspective changes when looking from the other side so indulge in a little retrospective.

Oops, hadn’t meant to write so much. Ouch. And I left the girls in front of a Wild Discovery show about Polar Bears. Maddie just informed me that, “he got him mom! The bear got the seal!” I need to check whether or not a contribution is due to their therapy fund.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I do this too. It’s a great way to see how God has worked in my life and how much further I still have to go. I added you to my blogroll….I like your blog too. I hope your arm/shoulder gets better soon.


  2. Looking back means I have to face my bad grammer 😉


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