Fatblogger update

Weighed in today at 197. Down I think 2 lbs from a couple weeks ago.

I walked for about 20 minutes. I found a good prop up spot for my arm so it wasn’t that bad. Sadly though, I can’t walk with my head tilted back to watch the tv so it was a little boring just to listen. The whirlpool felt pretty good for awhile and it was nice having a break from the kids. They liked having a break from me. Completely changed attitudes in them all of us this morning.

Once I get a doctor’s release, I’m going to try a couple sessions with a trainer who has experience with arthritis patients and injuries. More on the neck another time.

2 responses to this post.

  1. i hope you continue getting stronger Joni!!!


  2. Keep it up! I had a neck injury in college that nagged me for 10 years with headaches and pain. only in the past year has it subsided with a some changes in diet, vitamins, and supplements. no more ibuprofen popping everyday! thank God.


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