Thoughts on grocery shopping

Are we not teaching enough science or am I too ambitious to expect that food items prone to condensation (frozen & refrigerated foods) should be put in plastic bags while tortilla chips, jars of pickles and ketchup are quite safe in paper bags?

I feel bad watching all the cart collectors wandering the parking lot emptying the cart corrals while I put my groceries in the truck. And then put my one lonely cart in the cart corral. Their work is never done.

Even without my children with me, it still took almost 2 hours to go through the store. Perhaps I was actually able to look at the shelves for a change.

My grocery store has the best bathrooms. Equipped with about 12-15 rolls of toilet paper per stall on a very long bar, it has the freakiest jet engine hand dryer I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it creates folds in your skin and you do need ear protection before triggering the automatic “on” sensor.

I’m certainly getting old when I can’t even make it through a grocery store trip of 1 hr 45 mins. without having to use the bathroom.


2 responses to this post.

  1. The paper is thought to be a better insulator, at least that’s what they taught me at Eagle foods in DeKalb, in 1988.


  2. Just a few months ago I had to go to the bathroom everywhere I went–being hugely preggers and all. I still find I have to go quite frequently. I guess after 3, it’s all smooshed up down there or something 🙂

    I’m totally with you on the shopping cart thing–I have a bad pet peeve about people leaving carts all over the parking lot or even right NEXT to a corral. I ALWAYS put my cart in the corral or even back in the store if I have to. I can’t stand carts left out to ding people’s cars.


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