couple o’ things

Just found out it will cost either $1300 or $3000 to completely dissect our truck engine to find why we’re using so much oil. I believe we’ve exhausted all the “could be’s” over the last year. No mechanic we’ve found actually wants to do the work of taking the engine apart. We were told its cheaper to just keep putting oil in and check it with every fill up.

That being said, let me apologize now to all who will be witnesses/victims to the plumes of smoke emitting from our exhaust pipe now and then on start ups. We know its there. We can’t fix it. BTW, we did pass emissions.

I see a neurosurgeon this Friday May 9 to read my MRIs and find out what’s going on with my neck and arm. I have to return to work Monday, May 12 and still have horrible pain plus our babysitter is off that week. You could pray for relief in that situation without too many drugs. I started taking some supplements to see if that will help.

I’m getting tired of the large clingy dog. Must get to the dog trainer quickly.

Mother’s Day comin’ up. I think I’ll get a massage and facial. They’re running a special at the health club.

Most requested songs by the kids in the truck…Maddie: Waiting On The World To Change-John Mayer, JD: Lord Reign In Me-Upstreet Kids, Annaliese: whatever is playing

Maddie has 18 days left in the 1st grade.


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