Victory over gravity

Maddie and JD learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels this past Tuesday. While mom was away, Dad took on the task. Maddie asked Daddy to remove the training wheels. By the time I got home 30 minutes later, she had it. JD then wanted to do it too. He’d been afraid to ride his bike without training wheels even though he tried a couple times this Spring. Lo’ and behold, little brother see, little brother do.

Having mastered starting by themselves, we still need to work on the stopping and to let Maddie know that you should really stop the bike BEFORE entering the garage. And that if you make your brother wipe out in the street, its a good idea to go back and see if he’s ok. Last night, we went to Wal-Mart and picked up new bikes for Maddie and JD that they would be able to use for a couple years. Annaliese was amazingly ok with keeping big brother’s training wheel bike until she learns to do it on her own. See our little chopper kids…


2 responses to this post.

  1. I remember the my training wheels came off!

    How exciting!



  2. How fun! I’m happy for your kiddos. Could you have them talk to my Meg (6)? She’s a scaredy cat 🙂


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