Love Thy Neighbor or kill them?

Today, I became the worst neighbor EVER.

back story: Maddie retrieved runaway Champ last night with the leash and walked him back to our house. This morning Maddie tried to bring Champ out on the leash and  was 1 rabbit away from being drug down the driveway. I told her she is not to do that again because he is too strong and will get away from her.

This afternoon: Our next door neighbor’s daughter is getting married today. They were taking pictures of the bride(gorgeous) and bride’s maids etc. under our blossoming crabapple tree. Maddie was supposedly laying down inside. Me, JD and Annaliese decided to sneak over and watch the picture taking. And so did Maddie. With Champ. On the leash. Then not. Champ ran top speed straight for the bride as she screamed, “Oh my god!!!” As did her mother, my friend, who I’m sure is about to stroke out. He then explored a bridesmaid with a sniff and a hop without laying a paw on her highly snag-able dress. A soft spoken, “sorry Mom” came out of Maddie’s remorseful mouth which the neighbors thought was cute. Fortunately, the neighbor had their two dogs fenced in their yard and distracted Champ away from the formal wear where he was subdued and locked up. As were the children.

Now, I have not showered yet today, no make up, hair pulled back, herniated disc, 60 lbs overweight chasing a 75 lb black dog and screaming at him to no avail and yelling to my children to stay out of the pictures. I want a cut of prize money from America’s Funniest Videos because yes, this is ALL on tape. I’m sure it will end up on YouTube and someone’s blog soon.


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  1. I have to say feels good to know I am not the only one. We have not, yet, nearly ruined a wedding party but- my neighbors newly seal coated driveway-almost. So feel blessed that your neighbor doesn’t hate you! Yet.

    Also the reason we have a fence in our backyard is because Jazzy figured out early on that if Kylee took her out on the leash she was just one good pull away from freedom. Every time Kylee took her out there would be a pull, a drag and a scream. Dog gone. Neighbors mad.



  2. Posted by Joni on May 17, 2008 at 9:36 am

    Yeah. I think today is the day we take advantage of the 12 mos. no payments/no interest at Home Depot on a new fence–because our credit is so good now. 🙂 However, that doesn’t do anything for the dog escaping through the garage!

    I’m just now getting over the post traumatic stress flashbacks of the dog racing across the yard. I should be ok by Monday.


  3. Oh my word!!! I can almost FEEL the stress of that moment. lol


  4. Oh, my gosh, I think I just peed a little 😉


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