A rare quiet moment

Thought I’d share a good thing with you for a change. Right now, my kids are enjoying a 70° sunny day outside. They are playing very nicely with each other. Actually singing their actions as they go. Annaliese dressed herself this morning and is wearing shorts and a short sleeve sweater that only buttons at the top. A little racy for an almost 4 yr old but I can’t bring myself to interrupt the flow of niceness going on.

I got the dishes done after breakfast, the dog is calm, my son helped me clean the floor, I’m about to have a homemade mocha french vanilla coffee concoction and my neck and arm only hurt a little. I’m actually typing this in a whisper so as not to disturb the vibe. A much needed breath of fresh air.


One response to this post.

  1. We must be thankful and enjoy the good days 🙂


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