Fatblogger and other health news

Today’s weigh-in 197.8. Up .8 from last month. Our weather went from sunny and 80s to cloudy, windy and 50°. Made the arthritis more noticeable. Did some exercises in the therapy pool and hung out in the whirlpool a bit. Seriously, you’d think I was 85 years old the way I talk. Not that there’s anything wrong with being 85 years old.

Trying to cut down on pain meds to gauge the steroid effect. Having taken hydrocodone, ibuprofen, glucosamine and chondroitin over the last month then pulling back, its hard to tell what’s the related pain and what has just always been lived with. I think the steroids are helping. Can I call it justifiable ‘roid rage if I yell at the kids? I didn’t think so. Still crazy mommy.

An excellent hydrocodone replacement when used properly with ibuprofen is Mountain Dew soda taken once a day in the 32 oz. cup with ice. Not that I don’t enjoy the hydrocodone because I certainly do. Its probably not a good idea to get too addicted reliant if you can stand a little discomfort. My doctor disagrees. He’d rather I relieve the pain. Well, I guess if he’s willing to write those prescriptions for the next 40 years… Although an excellent pain reliever and anti-depressant, Mountain Dew certainly does not fall into the “fatblogger health plan”. Can’t win.


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