Xray vision

How cool is my doctor? Cool enough to help me get as good a shot possible off my phone of the needle sticking out of my neck during today’s steroid shot. This is the x-ray view. He offered to take a picture for me of the actual needle going into my neck for maximum effect. I didn’t want to trouble him while he was busy sticking things into my spine.

So special thanks today to my anesthesiologist and pain intervention specialist, Dr. James E. Wilson (and his awesome staff) of Naperville, IL without whom I wouldn’t be able to type much. I’ve gotten about 60-70% pain relief from the first epidural steroid injection from 2 weeks ago. I’ve stopped taking Vicodin and only use the ibuprofen maybe once a day if I’m getting sore. Now some of the tingling and weakness still come and go. Not sure if this will completely alleviate a need for surgery given the degeneration but wouldn’t that be cool too? I start physical therapy next week.

Thanks Dr. Wilson. You SO rock. And it was fun listening to a little Jimi Hendrix on the muzak in the waiting room.


2 responses to this post.

  1. So glad for some relief for you. It must be awful having pain 24/7. Rest up and take care!


  2. wow! he was actually going to take a pic while inserting the needle??? he’s got skill!

    SO glad you’re getting some relief!


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