Mom, I’m going to design our new house

This was Maddie’s(7) proclamation last night at dinner. “Oh really? And what would be in our new house?” Here are the specs from our kids about a new house. I will try to quote as accurately as possible.

  • “A pool that we could set the sprinkler on its side and fill up so we wouldn’t need the hose”
  • “A bedroom for everyone.” “You mean we all sleep in the same room?”, we ask. “No, everybody gets their own room,” clarifies Maddie. Doug begins to ponder, “do mommy and daddy get their own room or do we get to share a room.” Hmm. She hadn’t thought of that. “Um, I could sleep with mommy and you(daddy) can sleep with JD and Annaliese.”
  • “And we will have 5 bathrooms.” I can’t even keep 1 bathroom clean.
  • “And a basement with a tv to watch family movies and kid shows. We’ll have 2 tvs. One in the basement and one in the living room”
  • “And a new car and a new truck.”
  • “Will it have a kitchen?” asks Doug. “Yes. With a new refrigerator,” says Maddie. JD joins the design team, “a refrigerator where you could get water and ice cubes without opening the door like at the Bell’s house.” “The water would come out on the right and the ice on the left,” continues Maddie.

So this is our new house according to Maddie. Doug, feel free to fill in what I left out. I told her to pray for it to see if God would think its ok for us to have this new house. I’ll keep you updated.


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  1. That sounds like my kind of house…5 bathrooms…sprinkler pool! I stopped by your blog via jason. You should check out my wife’s bog–it too is about mom stuff!


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